Mega search engine based on artificial intelligence, with its own NFT gaming place. Official Meta Continental Whitepaper, last updated November 2022.
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About Continental Tehnology Project

We are a systems integration company. Through the intelligent integration of existing and new technologies we are developing a "life freedom" product based on cryptocurrencies and blockchain that is more convenient, more private, more liberating, more useful, less expensive and just as secure as the lifestyle you are enjoy now.
AI-powered mega search engine, which will track the world wide web for the best options for goods and services, including those offered from sellers who are selling directly on our own block-based e-commerce platform. ContinentalCard ™ allows cryptography holders to use their stored assets in their wallet for daily payments in stores and restaurants all over the world. While multiple crypto transitions can be stored in ContinentalWallet, only CTL is available from CTLCard to create an additional layer of security.
Continental Technology is at the intersection of comfortable living and technology.
● For merchants and businesses, we offer a next-generation Blockchain SVP infrastructure - the world's fastest blockchain with a transaction speed of over 100,000/min.
● For buyers and consumers, we offer a convenient escape from high prices and “big data” using AI-enabled mega search engine.
● Fast and forward-thinking Continental™ blockchain
● AI¬¬_Continental Card/Mobile™ Search and Payment Toolkit
Continental Technology is a simplified, secure and cost-effective means for both buyers and sellers to complete transactions in the crypto/blockchain era.
Fast and promising Continental
The foundation of Blockchain Continental is the fastest, scalable, resilient, secure and future-proof Blockchain SVP for trading.
Stable and predictable; ideal for commercial applications:
● Incredible speed: 100,000+ transactions per minute with an average confirmation time of <10 seconds.
● Internal resiliency: The registry is supported by super low power IOT (Internet of Things) devices and mobile/desktop applications according to the census block proof (SVP) algorithm.
● Infinite scalability: Positive correlation between the number of users, nodes deployed, and protocols.
● Enhanced security: All parties must have an AURA SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate to prevent fraud and instill trust, confidence in the ecosystem.
● For the future: Continental's interactive smart coin will remain secure long after quantum computing's hackability becomes a problem.
Continental transaction coin (CTL and CON).
● Facilitates the creation of decentralized applications in Continental Merchant.
● Access to the most exclusive Continental Card membership levels.
● Pays Continental Lifestyle+ Rewards, Continental Network Service Fees, and Continental Community Fees.
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