Mega search engine based on artificial intelligence, with its own NFT gaming place. Official Meta Continental Whitepaper, last updated November 2021.


We do everything with the help of five comfortable touch points.

Every seamless cryptocurrency transaction which you initiate through one of these touch points reliably syncs with your most up-to-date ContinentalWallet .

Continental offers a modern lifestyle of freedom: the ability to quickly and conveniently browse and buy the best deals across the Internet, anytime, anywhere; the convenience of AI; privacy, savings and security of payments in cryptocurrency; and reasonable flexibility to help you continue to use your favorite local merchants' products using a well-known payment system.

Continental technologies achieve all of this through the following important touchpoints. Every seamless cryptocurrency transaction you initiate through one of these five user-friendly touchpoints is securely synced to your modern ContinentalWallet after your initial block rewrite and authentication.

Continental brings the latest technology to life with a focus on everyday utility, convenience, efficiency and safety - Continental Technology Statement.

With a lifestyle focus, we focus on the needs and concerns of people accustomed to convenience and security, and aware of the gradual encroachment of corporations and governments into their digital lives. To balance these concerns, we will be the first to integrate a number of new technologies into existing ones, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI).

We are committed to providing instant transaction speed, privacy, security and blockchain economy. The convenience of artificial intelligence and the world of consumer choice and freedom of movement in one single lifestyle solution. At the heart of our solution is an AI-powered metasearch engine that will search the world wide web for the best options for products and services, including those offered by merchants selling directly on our own blockchain-based e-commerce platform. The algorithm will never affect the products offered on our market. It shouldn't be. In terms of price, the products offered on our marketplace are likely to be very competitive because, unlike paying with fiat money (such as US dollars) on existing e-commerce sites, when paying with ContinentalDollars (CTL$) , our transaction coin.

This is our way to keep honest in the market! Whether at home or on the go, our customers will have a wide choice. We offer several secure touchpoints including ContinentalCard, a debit card for everyday payments in stores and restaurants; convenient mobile application for online shopping on the go; and the indispensable smart home or office app Continental_AI, which serves as a personal assistant, hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies.

Unlike programs from Apple and Google like (Siri) that collect customers' personal information and buying habits in the service of the corporations selling these devices, our smart app will work for our customers; maintaining their privacy, protecting their private keys and enabling them to earn passive income from CTL Merchant.

Continental will introduce sophisticated conversational natural language chatbots for use across the platform. Whether they are searching for a product, contacting customer service, placing an order, or simply asking for the status of their order, the user interacts with the platform much faster (no waiting in line) and friendly when chatbots are involved. Since most interactions with Continental happen through conversations with the chatbot, users do not have to worry about divulging any personal information as the chatbot is configured to never ask for personal information.

● By using a chatbot as the first point of contact for customer service lines, AI_Continental can ensure that many customer queries are resolved quickly, which also results in faster response times for more complex questions that require a human response.

● Continental Chatbot Arbitrators. Automatic reconciliation attempts are initiated by chatbots that interact with each party via voice and text, evaluate disputed areas, and work with each party to propose solutions that can be negotiated.

● Continental Conciergeβ„’. There are times when you need to ask a question about how something works or how to complete a task – Continental Concierge is here to help! Ask him a question about anything, and the user will be engaged in a smart, adaptive conversation.

● Continental Cards. The entry-level Emerald card will be available on the Continental platform in various prepaid denominations.

Cardholders can use their ContinentalCard to purchase items over-the-counter or online, just as they would with any other bank-issued debit or credit card.

● Cash transactions is limited to CTL and CTL$. To protect the cardholder, only CTL tokens or CTL$ coins can be used to pay through the debit card network.

● Instant cashback is credited for every purchase made. Continental Lifestyle Rewards accumulate with every purchase so that cardholders can accumulate CTL tokens for future use.

The most convenient way for a consumer to add cryptocurrency to their lifestyle is to experience Continental Technologies, where the following services are provided locally:

  1. CTL and CTL$ can be easily added to any user's wallet by providing local fiat currency (eg USD).

  2. Continental develops and implements a cost-effective, no-knowledge application that anyone can use to start earning CTL while they sleep.

  3. After connecting ContinentalConcierge to your home or office, your technical work is done. And since all interactions with the device are carried out through a mobile application or simply by talking to your personal assistant through a smartphone.

  4. The low bandwidth device acts as a Continental node. Unlike other blockchain-based mining programs that only pay the fastest miners using the most advanced hardware, the Continental Mining Royalties Program pays something to EVERY NETWORK MEMBER for EVERY TRANSACTION.

5. The Continental Lifestyle RewardsSM program is designed to keep more value in the form of CTL tokens within the ecosystem and in the hands of members rather than large advertisers like Facebook and Google.

This is achieved by offering financial incentives to consumers and merchants to take actions that we believe benefit the platform. Each program and incentive is implemented using smart contracts for transparency and minimization of administrative overhead, as described below:

● Instant cashback for purchases;

● Translation Services;

● Seller & consumer referral program;

● Self-promotion of the Promotion;

● Partner program;

● Error detection.

Continental Arbitration provides decentralized dispute resolution for more complex issues. It is a fully autonomous ecosystem that will provide independent third party arbitrators with a marketplace to offer their services to consumers and merchants on ContinentalMarket.

In addition to applying AI technology as described above, Continental will gradually integrate the key emerging blockchain technology:

1.1. Continental Card

Debit card transactions are processed through the standard card processing network at the time of purchase. The transaction amount must be confirmed by the payment gateway of the Continental worldwide network, located at the MerchantChain level.

1.2. Blockchain

The public transaction layer is how the Continental ecosystem interacts with the outside world through third-party exchanges. It uses the Ethereum blockchain, which, along with third-party exchanges, operates independently of the Continental platform.

Continental's e-commerce blockchain is a low-power internal blockchain developed in-house and tested in e-commerce markets during trials in 2021. Blockchain Continental has been stress tested in high-load environments and provided valuable insights into blockchain functionality and interoperability, as well as e-commerce data collection and settlement.


MerchantChain also provides additional benefits and enhanced functionality of the coin protocol throughout the ecosystem. MerchantChain services blockchain layer features include:

● Creation and management of CTL and CTL$ coins;

● Integration with payment processor in fiat (for example, US dollars);

● Storage location and verification of smart contracts and applications;

● ContinentalCard payment gateway with over 100,000 transactions per minute.

● Continental Lifestyle Rewards Manager.

As an open source protocol, Continental will allow third parties to create their own decentralized applications (dapps) and smart contracts to support blockchain-based e-commerce activities with the ability to launch their own CTL$-based transaction coin.

1.4. Message

Using a separate lightweight message layer, all communications between ecosystem members are fully encrypted and distributed across Continental protocol nodes.

1.5. SVP

The Continental SVP layer is a public smart contract layer that provides a trusted, conflict-free environment and open source implementation of key components of the Continental token ecosystem.

A set of smart contract templates has been prepared for use by merchants to simplify the selling mechanism. Because sellers use a wizard-based system to create a listing, no prior knowledge of smart contracts or coding is required. This gives merchants the flexibility they need to define the terms of their offer to customers, while ensuring that the transaction is secure, fully verified, and audited.

The Continental Core layer also contributes to:

● Contract Continental / CTL $ Exchanger and Smart Reserve.

● Escrow services for CTL$ purchases on the trading platform;

● Decentralized dispute resolution program management.

● Manage Continental's customer incentives and rewards program.

The viability of the business model is based on lower transaction costs and the elimination of financial intermediaries such as PayPal and credit card companies, as well as inflated commissions in the marketplace. This de-intermediation effectively reduces transaction costs for both consumers and merchants, which means a more efficient market for everyone and cheaper products.

Continental will generate income from the following sources:

As an ecommerce metasearch engine, our main income comes from referral fees. These fees come from sellers on our platform as well as from revenue generated from other sites. This income is distributed to the following:

● 20% for network operation and maintenance, including expenses for Continental Lifestyle Rewards, administration and network security;

● 80% is distributed among the miners who keep a copy of the MerchantChain ledger.

Exchange of USD to Continental or CTL $ is free. When exchanging CTL or CTL$ for dollars, a 0.5% exchange fee is charged. Since the third side of the exchange, not the network.

Continental offers the Continental Concierge smart app, which can include a surcharge on the product price. We may offer additional items as we move forward.

As the platform grows, we will promote and offer merchants and merchants the opportunity to join us in various promotions and joint advertising campaigns.

Anyone who loves the Continental will want to tell the world about it. In the future, we will offer merchandise sales and brand licensing opportunities.

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