Ctl Economics

CTL is a native token for the Continental network. Members of the Continental global network use it to pay for goods, products and services around the world.

Anyone can get some CTL tokens

Anyone can participate in the early stages of this ICO, regardless of the state. You can participate in one or both events.No individual can purchase more than 0.001% of tokens, and a legal entity more than 0.1% through the public sale of tokens.
Tokens will be distributedas follows (subject to applicable laws and regulations).By focusing on lifestyle, we think about the needs and concerns of people accustomed to comfort and safety and who are aware of the gradual intrusion of corporations and governments into their digital lives.

Duel Cryptocurrencies Fuel the System

One of the side effects of using a limited number of tokens such as a CTL token for conducting market transactions, there is a huge price volatility, which is shown even by such strong cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin and Ethereum.
To sync the Continental Ecosystem around the world, to stabilize prices and create compatibility between different markets, Continental will Issue Continental Dollar (CTL $) a Stable Fiat-Secured Coin to be used exclusively in Continental market transactions.
Dashboard interface
In addition to using seamless SPV chain technology, Continental is integrating existing payment functionality with the technology into its own super innovative blockchain.
Technological Layers.
Payment Processing Layer
Debit card transactions will be processed through the standard card payment processing network after the purchase is completed or declined by Merchant Chain Continental.
Public Transaction Layer
The Continental Public Transaction Layer (CTL) allows the Continental Ecosystem to interact with the outside world, such as exchanges, banks, foundations and public companies.
MerchantChain Layer
Special merchant blockchain of e-commerce Continental MerchantChain TM is an internal 88 KB SPV/PW consensus blockchain developed by the best programmer team for Continental's unique user network, it will simplify and provide improved protocol functionality in the Continental ecosystem.
Communication Layer
Using a separate lightweight layer of messages, all communications between the system and the participants will be securely encrypted with 256 KB encryption and distributed among the participants in the Continental Protocol.
Base Core Continental
The Continental base layer is a layer of public smart contracts on the Continental blockchain, which provides a trusted conflict-free environment and the implementation of key components of the CTL coin ecosystem at the same time.
CTL enables seamless e-commerce throughout the Continental ecosystem as buyers and sellers freely conduct their business without having to worry about large changes in the value of their medium of exchange.
The Continental ecosystem will be scalable and decentralized to ensure long-term stability and sustainability. The ecosystem will include the following participants: fund, platform, merchants, consumers, arbitrators and chatbots. Each participant will interact with others as shown in the following diagram...
Technology distribution model.
CTL$ coins are valued, issued and redeemed in US dollars and fully backed by reserve deposits. New coins are minted as needed and burned as they mature.
CTL Price Distribution is focused on creating long-term value.
Tokenomics Continental.
  • 50% Will be provided for the new MetaContinental NFT-project.
  • 5% Private Sale will be distributed to advisors who assisted the founders and team, as well as early investors who contributed to the project prior to the public sale.
  • 15% Will be sold out on public sales through ICO and IDO.
  • 10% Will be distributed among team members. All CTL tokens issued to team members will be distributed monthly over a two-year period.
  • 10% Will be distributed for Marketing activities.
  • 10% Will be distributed for Project Development.
Note: *
The above allocations and percentages are indicative and based on estimated amounts. Actual amounts may vary depending on network conditions and proposals put forward by the Foundation or the community and voted on by the community.